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fix Textnow account banned

Several users in recent times have complained that their TextNow account is banned. I can see a lot of users complaining about it on Reddit. The reasons behind these account bans seem to vary, with some users speculating that it could be due to violations of TextNow's terms of service, while others believe it might be the result of technical glitches or errors in the moderation system. So what does this violation entail, and what are the Terms of Use for TextNow that users should be aware of?

Fix TextNow Account Banned:

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Recently Reddit user u/Mr-Voss-45 reported -

Banned again
byu/Mr-Voss-45 inTextNow

Another user reported this -

byu/Spacey221 inTextNow

In the past, there have been several instances where users' accounts were banned. So what's the story behind all this and why it happens? We will also go through steps on what you can do in such situations.

TextNow and Their Policies:

TextNow is a rapidly expanding Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that offers free phone and text services. It lives up to its tagline, "Phone service made simple


To gain a better understanding of these bans, it is essential to comprehend TextNow's policies. No one appreciates spammers and fraudsters, whether they are individuals or organizations; such behavior is unequivocally prohibited.

TextNow, as articulated on their support pages, explicitly states that they impose bans on accounts engaged in spam or fraudulent activities. Their account is terminated or suspended due to violation of their terms of service. But sometimes these bans are temporary or a technical glitch altogether.

If your TextNow account has been banned, and you believe that you haven't engaged in any suspicious activity, please consider the following steps:

Contact TextNow Support:

First and foremost, if your TextNow account is banned, it is crucial to reach out to the customer support team and request the reinstatement of the flagged account. You will likely be required to provide proof of identity to verify your account. Without hesitation, kindly furnish the requested information to expedite the resolution process.

Disable Ad Blocker:

It's important to highlight that employing an ad blocker may contravene TextNow's terms of service. A significant number of users may be unaware of this, and it serves as a primary reason for numerous account bans.

Dont Change Mobile Number Too Often:

Textnow allows all users to change their mobile number every 15 days. Until and unless there is a need for you, don't change your number too frequently, and don't use it to spam users.

Create a Post/Thread on Reddit

When Reddit user u/Mr-Voss-45's account was banned, he joined the TextNow Reddit community and posted a thread/post stating that his account was banned and his query was resolved within a few days.

Here is the official TextNow_Support reply -

You can do the same thing as well. Once the post is created, you will get a reply from the TextNow_Support user asking you to DM your account details.

Tweet about it to the Official X Handle

For Twitter users, Textnow has setup a special X(previously Twitter) handle just for support. So tweet them about the issue.

Here is the X handle - https://twitter.com/textnowhelp

Final Words:

If your TextNow account is banned, and you believe it's without cause, start by disabling the ad blocker. Subsequently, reach out to TextNow support to request the restoration of your account and provide an explanation for the issue. Fortunately, TextNow has established support options on popular social media platforms like X and Reddit, making it convenient for users to seek assistance.

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