How to Locate a ATT Store Near Me & Open Right Now

If you are looking for wireless phone service or high-speed Internet, AT&T should be your choice. Here is how to locate an AT&T store near me.

When it comes to the largest American telecommunications company in terms of subscribers, Verizon Wireless, and AT&T are two of the biggest countries in America. Headquartered in Dallas Texas, American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) it's the world's largest telecom company by revenue(annual revenue of $171.76 billion[source]) and employs 263,745 people. With that being said, AT&T provides a wide range of services including wireless communications, digital video under the DIRECTV brand, telephone services, and data/broadband internet services.

how to locate ATT store near me

Despite the complexity of the nature of business, at the end of 2021, it offered services to 201.79 million registered customers(postpaid, prepaid & resellers) and it has more than doubled since 2007. You can find authorized retailers, resellers, or stores in all cities and towns of America, and if you are looking for the nearest dealer, then here is a timesaver guide on how to find AT&T store nearby.

ATT Store Near Me:

History of AT&T

As an interesting fact, AT&T was co-founded by Alexander Graham Bell in 1885, the man who invented the telephone, and hence the name still includes the telegraph although this service was discontinued in 2006 in the USA.

If you are looking for an AT&T retailer then here is a guide on how to locate the nearest ATT stores. You can find AT&T retailers at your nearest grocers or at least by the next lane and if you are looking for authorized retailers, then they will be in your area or junction.

Official Store Locator Tool:

As a big company, you need to invest in maintaining proper data at least for your company. The more precise and accurate information related to AT&T store can be found on its website and they have setup an official store locator tool.

Here is how to make the most of it -

  • Visit the AT&T store locator tool on a browser or check in your AT&T app.
  • Make sure that GPS is enabled on your device, and then type in the city, state, or zip code, and hit search.
  • Using this tool you can "Buy online and pick up in the store" a new service that eases up time for businesses and customers.
  • Each result provided detailed info on the following along with the address/phone number -
      • Store info
        : General info about the store like timings, in-store offers
      • Get Directions: Easy to navigate driving directions
      • Shop Now: Shop for various AT&T products online
  • You can even filter results.

So by far, this is the best tool to use to locate the nearest ATT store or nearby.

Google Maps:

With the Internet era and growing technology, Google has became a household name. The search engine giant's product named 'Google Maps' or 'Maps by Google' has become the sole leader in location services and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). As such, Google improved its maps and technology paving for easy accessibility through handheld mobile devices.

Google Maps can help you find any business or store nearby accurately and here is how to use it to locate AT&T stores nearby -

  • Open Google Maps (available on your phone via Android app/iOS app and desktop site).
  • Through the clean and easy interface, in the search bar type "AT&T store near me" or "AT&T authorized retailer" if you are specifically looking to visit authorized stores only.
  • It will then list out all the matching stores nearby.
  • You can click on any result and there will be details like store name, timings, address, and driving directions to easily navigate to the store.

Maps by Google are accurate and I use them personally to find anything near or far from me.

Yelp: is a website/app that helps you to find nearby businesses like restaurants, bars, beauty salons, spas, doctors & any other business entity with actual crowd-sourced reviews.

Search for the AT&T store and you will find actual reviews of the nearest AT&T stores.

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Foursquare's website helps you to locate businesses nearby. Through its cloud-based location technology, it helps you to locate nearby businesses easily.

Call AT&T Customer Care:

New customers can call on 800.288.2020 or 611 from your mobile regarding any after-sale service. For AT&T wireless phone support, this is the toll-free number: 800.331.0500.


So that's how to locate the nearest AT&T store in any American city or town. The easiest way remained using the official store locator tool which has other advantages too and Google Maps can be a handy on-the-go option.

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