Sky Devices Government Tablet Replacement, Phone Number, Not Working

Sky Devices Government Tablet Replacement

Congratulations on owning a Sky Devices tablet PC but sad to hear that you have troubles with it right now (not working status) and need a replacement. You might be also looking for a free Sky devices government tablet phone number to contact them for further investigation. This article should help you out at the various stages of issues with Sky Devices tablet PC.

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Sky Devices Government Tablet Replacement

For replacement-related queries, two types of queries arise -

  • Government Device Replacement
  • Normal Device Replacement

I will go through the guide for each case below only after attempting manual troubleshooting, which is straightforward to perform.

Sky Devices Government Tablet Not Working

If your Sky Tablet doesn't turn on, it doesn't mean that it's completely broken or unrecoverable and you can ask for a replacement. First, you should try out troubleshooting by yourself to get it back working again. Two cases arise here -

Fix a Sky Tablet when Not Charging

Here are the fixes you should try out -

  • Check for the charger or the cable/adapter is damaged or try out a new charger
  • Check the charging port
  • A software update bug might have caused the issue
  • Screen might be broken

Fix a Sky Devices Tablet Won't Turn on

Most of the issues are easily fixed when a device doesn't turn on. Here are the fixes you should try -

  • Leave the tablet for a while to charge it up
  • Plug it into the computer or laptop using a USB cable and see.
  • Factory reset is the final option to try out. You can easily do it by going through the device's recovery mode.

I hope that by following the troubleshooting steps provided, you were able to address the issues with your Sky handset. If the problem persists, please proceed with the replacement instructions outlined below.

Government Tablet Replacement:

You may be aware that the FCC's Affordable Connectivity Program offers a minimum $30 discount on wireless phone services, along with the option to receive a free mobile phone and tablet PC with a co-payment, depending on your ACP provider.

If you possess a Sky tablet from QLink Wireless, it is necessary to contact QLink Wireless to request a replacement. Similarly, if it's from another network, you should contact them first.

Please be aware that device replacements are contingent upon specific terms and conditions. Additionally, these wireless service providers provide replacement warranties for a limited period, primarily based on the device's sale date.

Sky Tablet Replacement:

If you have directly purchased a Sky Tablet(ex., Sky Pad 10), it's likely that the device comes with a one-year warranty, and the tablet's battery may be covered for up to six months. In such cases, you need to directly contact Sky Devices customer support on

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Free Sky Devices Government Tablet Phone Number

Upon checking the Sky Devices website, we observed that there is no "Contact Us" field with a form, and no phone number is provided

. This is likely due to the fact that they do not directly sell mobile phones and tablet PCs to consumers in the USA. Therefore, we recommend filling out the contact form on their website, as this is the preferred method for communication. Once you submit the form, they will reach out to you accordingly.

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