How to Request for Airtalk Wireless Replacement Phone

Accidents can occur at any time. Here, I'm not referring to accidents involving your car or bike but rather mishaps involving your phone or gadgets, as we navigate through the Airtalk Wireless Replacement Phone guide.

Airtalk Wireless Replacement Phone

So, let's begin.

Airtalk Wireless Replacement Phone

By this time you might know that AirTalk Wireless is an exclusive network that provides Affordable Connectivity Program plans to eligible customers in the United States. To tell you more briefly, you get a free smartphone with discounted wireless phone services. But what happens when your AirTalk Wireless phone is broken or stolen or malfunctioning?

The following cases arise -

  • Phone is lost
  • Phone is Stolen
  • Phone is Damaged
  • Phone is Broken
  • Phone is not working (Malfunctioning)

How to Replace Airtalk Wireless Phone

When it comes to services, every wireless service provider, whether in the USA or worldwide, has its own set of policies, terms, and conditions, and AirTalk Wireless is no exception. As outlined in the official Airtalk Wireless phone replacement policy, you are bound by the following terms when purchasing a handset.

For returns due to reasons such as damage, breakage, or malfunctioning, you are eligible for a full refund if the device is returned within 15 days of receipt. It is important to note that the handset must be provided in the same condition it was received and should not be broken or damaged.

My AirTalk Phone is Lost or Stolen?

If you happen to lose your AirTalk Wireless phone or it is stolen, categorizing it as misuse, AirTalk is not held responsible, and no refund will be provided for such incidents. However, you do have the option to apply for a replacement handset by paying a $25 fee.

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How to Request for Device Replacement at AirTalk?

To report any issues of theft or damage and request a replacement handset, please contact customer care representatives at +1 (855) 924-7825 or email After reaching out, you will be required to provide mobile photos or a detailed explanation of the issue.

Based on the terms and conditions, AirTalk representatives will assess your eligibility for a free device replacement. If deemed eligible, a replacement handset will be shipped to you at no cost, and the tracking number will be shared. The replacement handset is expected to arrive within 5-7 working days.

How to Claim ACP Tablet Replacement at AirTalk Wireless?

If you have applied for an optional tablet PC that comes with the ACP program and it is faulty or damaged, the above-mentioned policies and guide apply to any claim for replacement or refund. It doesn't matter whether you have the Sky Tablet or the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab

or Apple iPad itself, you need to contact AirTalk customer care. On customer demand, we have exclusively written on Sky Device Government Tablet replacement.


That's the process for requesting an Airtalk Wireless Replacement Phone. I hope you were able to get your device replaced either for free or with the $25 fee. Even if there is a fee involved, considering the $30 monthly ACP discount, it's a reasonable solution.

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