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My Mobile connect Q Link app

You might be aware of Qlink Wireless and QLink hotspot locations. Also, you might know that there is an option for free Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity at 10 million locations nationwide as the network has partnered with 50 franchise operators like Sam's Club, McDonald's, IKEA & more. To use Qlink Wireless hotspots, you need My Mobile Account App, and here is a guide to download and how to use this app.

My Mobile Account App

To connect to Qlink hotspot data, you will need to have the My Mobile Account app installed on your mobile phone or tablet. Basically 'My Mobile Account' app offers complete account management in the palm of your hand for those who are using QLink Wireless as their service provider.

So what does the My Mobile Account app do?

This app allows you to check your data usage and minutes left. It also allows you to manage your plan and refill your account in easy ways. And when you are out of America, you can browse international plans to get hotspot connectivity at partner stores anywhere in the world.

So here are things you can do using this app -

  • Check data usage
  • Check minute usage in real-time
  • Refill or add an add-on
  • Browse international plans
  • Use mobile at partner stores nationwide/internationally

Once you download the app, you will be asked to provide QLink Wireless credentials i.e., your phone number to log-in.

This app is compatible with both English and Espanol. To change language you need to go to Settings under the app and change your default language to the one that you would like to have.

Also, make sure that you don't download the "My Mobile Account Assistant" app which is developed by Employee Benefits Corporation. This one is developed by Vector Holdings


How to Download:

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You might also want to know that QLink Wireless offers free phone and tablets for eligible customers. To know more, check out the Affordable Connectivity Program plan and eligibility process.

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