How to Find Google Fi Account Number {Full-Guide}

Google Fi Account Number

Are you trying to find where to check your Fi Account number? For multiple reasons, you would have chosen Google Fi over other service providers. Recently, after the data breach reports of Fi in February 2023, you would be more concerned. Hence, for multiple reasons, you would be searching for how to find Google Fi Account Number; here's where we have covered you all!

Reasons to Find Google Fi Account Number

There are several reasons to find your Google Fi account Number. What's noteworthy is the fact that it's not required for regular telecom services but for specific reasons.

The reasons include:

  • Porting Your Phone Number: If you wish to port your Google Fi to another number, you need your Fi account number. The app or website wouldn't automatically sync it in such a case.
  • Switching your Network Provider: When you wish to change your network provider or cancel it then too you need to know your Google Fi Account number.

Now, let's proceed with how you can know about it!

How to Find Google Fi Account Number?

There are several methods to know your Google Fi Account Number. What's noteworthy is all of them take you toward the cancelation process. You can choose to proceed or opt out of cancelation at the last moment. Even the situations vary; some of you would have individual plans, while others might use group plans.

Let's dig into the detail.

Method 1: Visit Google Fi Website to Get Google Fi Account Number

Many of you would not be using the Google Fi app, and hence even to know about your account number, you don't need to use the app. Google Fi's website is equally optimized for the purpose!

  • Head over to in your browser.
  • Tap on your profile and click on the Manage Plan button.
  • Select Leave Google Fi.
  • You will be prompted to follow on-screen instructions to complete the process

Further, during this process, Fi would display a section wherein a webpage where you would see your Google Fi Account Number. After doing so, note it to a safe place.

Method 2: Check your Google Fi Account Number using its App

If you don't find visiting the website convenient, you can use the Google Fi app to know your account number.

  • Open the Google Fi app.
  • Navigate to your profile and go to Accounts.
  • Tap on Manage Plan.
  • Select Leave Google Fi.

The cancelation process will start, and you must follow the specific steps the app prompts. During this time, you will see a screen where your Google Fi Account Number will be shown.

Method 3: Talk to Fi Support to Know your Google Fi Account Number

If you don't want to cancel your Fi plan, then some of you would find selecting the Leave Google Fi a risky task. There's nothing much to worry about. Still, if you do, the good part is you can get Google Fi Account Number at the pace of a phone call.

Follow the steps given below to do so:

  • Call at 1-844-TALK-2-F
  • Tell the support team to let you know your Fi Account number and note if down

It's one of the easiest yet quickest ways to know your Fi Account number. Further, if you want to know it for Porting, Account cancelation, plan changes, or similar, then you can seek help about it also from a support agent.

Method 4: Find Your Google Fi Account Number if you are a Group Member

Similar to individual plans, you might even have a Fi Account group plan. Then too, you can find your Fi Account number easily.

Follow the steps given below to find your Google Fi Account Number as a Group member

  • Visit the Google Fi app or website
  • Go to your profile and click on Manage Plan.
  • Select Leave Google Fi.

During the Leave Google Fi process, a screen will display your Fi Account number. But If you are below 18, then you cannot leave the group. The owner must remove you. Further, choosing the Leave Google Fi option would automatically remove you from the group. It's noteworthy that while leaving the group, you have an active group plan.

Method 5: Find your Google Fi Account Number if you are a Group Owner

Even if a part of the group, there are chances also that you are a Group Owner. In such cases, the process is a bit lengthy to find your Google Fi Account Number. You have to proceed to the cancelation page, yet it's not possible directly.

Follow the steps given below to find your Google Fi Account Number. If you are a Group owner:

  • Head over to Google Fi and check your Profile.
  • Click on Manage Plan, choose a group member, and click on Remove at the bottom.
  • Select Continue and similarly remove all the group members.
  • Afterward, terminate the account which you manage.

Further, on the Leave Google Fi page, you would be prompted with specific steps to follow. Then, you will see your Google Fi Account Number and click a picture of it.

Final Thoughts

If you were struggling with how to find Google Fi Account Number, then you would have got your answer! You can visit the Fi website or open its App to do so. In the Leave Fi option, you will find the feature. If you are a Group Member, then too the process is easy; however, if you are a Group owner, then the process would be a bit longer. This is because you must remove each member from your group before leaving Fi.

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If you don't wish to follow this method, you should call the support team, who will directly specify the Fi account number. Further, if you have any queries, please let us know in the comments section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I get a Google Fi Account?

A1. Visit the official website of Google Fi, "," and sign-up with your email account, preferably Google, to proceed.

Q2. Is Google Fi free in India?

A2. Google Fi charges users in India for a particular data bandwidth. Further, after the bandwidth exceeds, you can use Google Fi data for free.

Q3. Is Google Fi prepaid or postpaid?

A3. Google Fi is prepaid.

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Q4. What is my Google Fi SIM PIN?

A4. The default Google Fi SIM PIN is 1111.

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