How to get a Safelink Wireless Free Tablet with Discounted Internet

You might be aware of the Safelink Wireless or Affordable Connectivity Program. If you haven't heard of any of those terms, then in this guide I will be talking about SafeLink Wireless and ACP Program in detail so that you don't have any confusion.

Safelink Wireless free tablet

What is SafeLink Wireless?

Safelink Wireless is an MVNO i.e., a virtual mobile network (a network that uses other network towers to offer its services). It has a contract with Verizon Wireless to offer its wireless phone services to customers and it also provides ACP plan discounts on their network. So what is an ACP discount? We will learn it now.

What is the Affordable Connectivity Program?

ACP stands for Affordable Connectivity Program, an extension of the previously known LifeLine program that assists low-income and tribal citizens. Lifeline already offered discounted internet services to eligible customers and with the FCC move in 2021 to launch Affordable Connectivity Program, a framework was formed to include wireless phone service discounts as well.

Eligible ACP customers get a minimum of $30/month and a maximum of up to $75/month (those who live in qualifying tribal lands in the USA) of their wireless phone services or internet. So if you choose a wireless phone service plan or internet plan costing $30 per month including taxes, and if you are ACP eligible customer, you will not have to pay anything from your pocket.

Additionally, eligible individuals can even claim a time discount of up to $100 on the purchase of a tablet PC, or laptop and this program is limited to one per household. We have put all the details together in a separate article and you can read it here.

Isn't it great?

Yes, it is! Now let me talk about the ACP plan offered by Safelink Wireless.

Safelink Wireless Free Tablet

Just like Excess Telecom and QLink Wireless, Safelink also offers a free tablet and a phone to eligible ACP customers. Safelink Wireless tablet is offered free of charge to eligible low-income individuals.

Please remember that Safeline doesn't offer its services in all the states of America and wherever it offers its services, you can get a free tablet from Safelink Wireless.

Documents Required to get a free Safelink Tablet:

You will need the following documents to be part of this program -

  • Social Security Number
  • Proof of Income: Pay Check, Tax returns
  • A government-issued photo ID: It can be your driver's license, passport, or State ID card
  • Proof of Address: Utility bill, lease agreement, or government agency letter
  • Optional Government Assistance program proof like SNAP or Medicaid ID card
  • If you are living in tribal lands,

Not all of these documents would be required but some are a must like SSN, & address proof.

How to Apply?

Once you are ready with your documents, its the time to apply for your household name inclusion under the ACP program.

If you are eligible then follow these steps -

  1. Go to and enter your ZIP code or City and State.
  2. Now select ACP from 'Select a Program' and then click on Search.
  3. Fill in all the required documents and information required to be part of the program during application.
  4. Once you are approved, you will get the tablet in the mail within 7-10 working days.

That's it! Done!

You can check your application status within a day or two whether its rejected or got approved.

Activation: To activate the tablet, you just need to insert the SIM card sent along with the tablet.

Brand of Tablets sold under the ACP Scheme?

Generally mid-range and entry-level tablets are sold for free and there is a discount on popular brands of tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab, Apple iPad, Google Chromebook, or Microsoft Surface Tab.

Here are the brands of tablets sold under this scheme by Safelink Wireless -

  • Alcatel Tablet
  • Apple iPads
  • Amazon Fire HD tablet
  • Google Chromebook
  • Lenovo Tab
  • LG Tablet
  • Microsoft Surface Tab
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Sky tablet by Sky Devices


#1: Please note that only one member from a household can claim ACP program benefits. If you are doing so, you are breaking the FCC rules and will lose your benefits.

#2: The ACP benefit is non-transferable so don't give your benefit to another person, even if they qualify for the ACP.

#3: You will have to pay a one-time caution or processing deposit of $10.99.

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TruConnect Compatible phones


So those were the free tablets offered under the FCC-run ACP program. While this is called a free tablet program, actually as per the FCC guidelines for the ACP program, you get a discount of $100 for the purchase of a tablet PC but because Android tablets are almost priced between $100 to $300, renewed or new ones are offered for free.

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