Excess Wireless or Excess Telecom Free Phone & Tablet Offer

There exist many small mobile networks that have contracted with the top four carriers in the United States and offer their mobile phone services. Such networks are called MVNOs, i.e., Mobile Virtual Network Operators and the advantage is that they neither need to set up their towers nor handle the maintenance of it but they still can use it. If you want me to tell you some of the popular MVNOs, then you might know of TracFone Wireless, Boss Wireless, Straight Talk, Simple Mobile, & Cricket Wireless. Apart from these, several new MVNOs come out every year and one such recent one that came to our notice is the Excess Telecom or Excess Wireless.

Excess Wireless or Excess Telecom

What is Excess Wireless:

Excess Telecom is an MVNO that primarily operates to provide affordable wireless phone services for customers in America. Just like all other MVNOs, you get a discount on monthly wireless phone plans so that they can increase their customer base. An MVNO can do that because they don't have to maintain network towers as they have contracts with top network providers and can easily get away by just paying the agreement fees.

Excess Telecom Plans:

Here are the various plans available at Excess Wireless -

Plan/Price Unlimited Min+Texts Data Additional Options
$0/year Yes 15 GB Customer Support
$12/year Yes 25 GB Customer Support
$60/year Yes 31 GB Customer Support + 6 Months Tablet Warranty
$420/year Yes 60 GB Customer Support + New Tablet every 6 Months

Top Ups:

Apart from the above plans, the following data top-ups are available -

Top Up Data Price
1 GB $5
3 GB $10
7 GB $20
15 GB $30

Excess Telecom ACP Plan:

Excess Telecom also provides a discounted ACP plan that grants eligible customers a monthly discount of $30 on their wireless phone services and internet. Since Excess Telecom does not offer internet connectivity, the discount should be applied to wireless phone services.

The ACP plan is commonly known as the Excess Telecom free phone with Internet plan, as it includes a free smartphone along with a $30 monthly discount.

The ACP plan is restricted to one per household, and participation is determined by income or involvement in various discounted federal programs such as Medicaid, SNAP, WIC, and others.

In addition, Excess Telecom provides a complimentary tablet as part of the ACP scheme. Unlike Wireless Brands' free Chromebook, they do not currently offer any laptop incentives.

Excess Telecom Free Tablet PC:

If you are already taking the $30/month ACP benefits with Excess Telecom, then there is an optional offer of a complimentary tablet PC. We have provided a comprehensive guide for the same.

How is the ACP Discount applied to my Billing?

Eligible Affordable Connectivity Program customers receive a monthly discount of $30, and these credits will be applied to your plan at the end of the month and adjusted in the monthly billing. If you are on a $30/month plan, you will not have to pay anything for the services you use. However, if you choose to add an extra feature or upgrade to a $40/month plan, you will be responsible for the cost of the specific add-on or an additional $10/month after the adjustment of the $30/month discount


It's important to note that individuals residing in qualifying tribal lands are eligible for a discount of up to $75/month or $900 per year in savings.

To know more we have already written a detailed article on Affordable Connectivity Program(ACP).

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