Excess Telecom Free Tablet: A Step-by-Step Guide to Get One

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Topics of Discussion:

So in this article, I will be going through the following topics of discussion -

Just like the Safelink Wireless tablet, all ACP-approved customers can apply to get a free tablet for entertainment purposes or personal use from Excess Telecom.

About Excess Telecom - What is it?

In America, beyond the top three or four networks, numerous small Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) lack their telecom infrastructure and instead have contractual agreements with either AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon Wireless to provide their services. Excess Telecom is one such MVNO that commenced operations in 2012 and gained prominence upon introducing the ACP plan. Normally, MVNOs have "Wireless" in their brand name but owners of Excess, name it as "Excess Telecom" instead of "Excess Wireless".

When discussing the complimentary Excess Telecom free tablet offer, it's essential to first familiarize yourself with the ACP plan - short for the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Although I have gone through a detailed article explaining the FCC's Affordable Connectivity Program, let me tell you briefly about it.

The US Federal government introduced ACP, a successor to the LifeLine Program providing a $30 monthly discount ($75/month for those living in qualifying tribal land) on wireless phone services or the internet. Along with that you also get a one-time discount of $100 on the purchase of a tablet PC or laptop (read how to get one) for entertainment or education purposes.

Excess Telecom Free Tablet

So now let's talk about the free tablet PC from Excess Telecom offer and how you can get one. Here two scenarios arise -

  1. If you already are an ACP program member
  2. Never applied for ACP Program

#1 Already an ACP Member

If you are right now claiming a $30 monthly discount on wireless phone service, then the process for a free Excess Telecom tablet is super easy. You just need to call on toll-free +1(800-615-0898) number and express your desire to get a tablet PC.

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Here you will have to deposit a one-time co-payment of $11 (security deposit) and you will be shipped with a tablet PC for free in a couple of working days time.

#2 New to ACP Program

If you are new to the ACP Program then you will have to go through a set of guidelines and an eligibility process to get one tablet PC for yourself.

Eligibility Documents:

You can qualify based on participation in government benefit programs in the USA. You or your family member should be receiving one of the following program benefits -

  • Food Stamps or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Medicaid
  • Children's Participation in School Lunch Program or School Breakfast Program
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
  • Received a Pell Grant in the current year
  • WIC
  • Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit
  • or Income-based qualification provided that your household income is 200% or less than that of the prescribed Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  • Head Start (For Tribals)
  • TANF
  • Food Distribution Program

Those living on the tribal lands should have a Driving License or Passport where the address should match with the qualifying tribal lands.

If you have previously received Lifeline benefits, then you will be auto-migrated to ACP program benefits.

How to Check Eligibility:

To check the ACP eligibility, follow the process mentioned below -

  • Visit the official GetInternet ACP portal. Don't worry about the security because this website is maintained by the US government and you can check the notice bar.
  • Fill out your home address like Street Number/Name, City, State, ZIP Code, and email address to continue.
  • Click on NEXT.
  • In the next option, you will have to provide a Social Security Number or any Government ID proof.
  • Further in the next screen, you will have to enter your Name and the Last name of the family. Also, enter the Date of Birth.
  • On the next page, you will be asked to provide details through which qualifying document you qualify.
  • In the next screen Review your information and if it's correct, then click on "Check My Eligibility".
  • You will find out right away whether you are eligible or not. The message will appear something like this -
  • If you are eligible then you can continue creating an Account and you will be provided with a unique Enrollment ID.

How to get a free Excess Telecom Tablet:

The above process is for the ACP approval, now you will have to find a provider to make use of those benefits. In this case, we have chosen Excess Telecom as a service provider but you are free to use any participating network -

  • Open the Excess Telecom page and enter your Enrollment ID and ZIP code to continue your application at Excess Telecom.
  • Now sign up and provide your details.
  • Select your desired mobile number to get and enter your shipping address.

This way you will get a free mobile phone with a SIM Card and now can apply to get a tablet. It's optional and requires $11 co-payment


Your ACP application is now submitted at Excess Telecom. Anywhere if you are stuck, you can contact official customer care at Excess for help.

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You will receive your Excess Telecom phone and tablet separately through courier but if you have applied at the same time, you will get both in time.

What brand of Tablets are offered?

While Excess Telecom doesn't disclose the specific tablet brand you'll receive, by analyzing user records, we've identified that individuals have received tablets from the following brands:

  • New Motorola tablet
  • New BLU tablet
  • Sky Devices Tablet
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Refurbished Apple iPad

Final Thoughts:

So that's all about the Excess Telecom free tablet offer which is mostly the same as QLink Wireless offerings. The article is lengthy, and I believe I have provided most details on how to obtain one. The process and the co-payment amount for a free tablet are the same with other networks too.

Resources: https://www.excesstelecom.com , https://affordableconnectivity.gov, https://Getinternet.gov/

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